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Experience Real Estate Investing


Who We Are

Summit Capital is a real estate investment company with a passion for purpose and living with intention. We invest in multifamily apartments, provide passive investment opportunities for our partners, and make a positive impact on our tenants and the communities we invest in. We do this by prioritizing the cornerstones of our business: expertise, integrity, transparency, and gratitude.


Investment Philosophy

We believe there is no better way to build generational wealth than through real estate. Our goal is to make investing in real estate easy for our partners. We provide opportunities to accredited and non-accredited investors so they can benefit from the advantages of real estate investing, while removing the burden of being a landlord. We take care of the heavy lifting in order to protect and build your wealth.


How It Works

If you have invested in real estate before, we will help you simplify, diversify, and grow your portfolio so you can achieve your goals faster. If you are new to real estate investing, we will walk you through everything you need to know to invest confidently.

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1. Sign Up

Sign up to join our investor network where you will receive updates on current projects and the latest information on upcoming investment opportunities. 

2. Connect

Schedule an introductory call with our team to discuss your investment goals, learn more about our process, and form a compliant relationship.

3. Invest

We will work to source and analyze investment opportunities that fit our strict criteria. When an opportunity becomes available, we will share it with you so you can decide if you would like to invest with us.

4. Enjoy

Relax and enjoy the benefits of ongoing cash flow, tax savings, and long term wealth growth. We will take care of the property and keep you updated with detailed reports along the way. 


What's Your Summit?

At Summit Capital, Your Summit is what drives you, what keeps you going, and what it is that you want to achieve. We want to help you get more of whatever it is you want in life. For many, that starts with financial independence and freedom of time. What would you do, where would you go, and who would you spend those moments with? That's your summit. What's your summit?

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